Thoughts on the Big Game

You probably thought this would be a post about the Super Bowl, huh? Well, I couldn’t care less about that. But these are three news bits from the last week that I enjoyed and can all loosely be tied together with a football theme. I am so glad that most of the commercials for theContinue reading “Thoughts on the Big Game”

Everything is Awful, Except Playing Games

Looking back at the games I played in 2018 But even that comes with the caveat. The world may be a dumpster fire but people making games should not be killing themselves to bring them to market. It makes no difference if you are working 100 hour-weeks building the biggest game ever made or workingContinue reading “Everything is Awful, Except Playing Games”

Looking for that Pot ‘O Gold

1 Better Than Heaps of Plastic The week started off with an unexpected announcement for the Nintendo Labo, DIY cardboard peripherals for the Switch. I’m pretty excited to play with these, other people were not. I think in the end, level heads see this as something that can only be good for the industry asContinue reading “Looking for that Pot ‘O Gold”