Looking for that Pot ‘O Gold

Better Than Heaps of Plastic

The week started off with an unexpected announcement for the Nintendo Labo, DIY cardboard peripherals for the Switch. I’m pretty excited to play with these, other people were not. I think in the end, level heads see this as something that can only be good for the industry as a whole.

The medium is better and more interesting because Nintendo has remained in hardware. That Switch’s success means Nintendo may be emboldened to try seemingly off-the-wall ideas should make us more excited about its future.
-Patrick Klepek, Waypoint

Never stop being you Nintendo!

Oh, and it’s being released on 4/20 for $69. We see what you did there, Nintendo.

Costs Go Up, Revenue Goes?

The Cost of Games
Raph Koster, game designer and essayist, provides a thorough break down of the rising development costs and compares it to expected revenue from players over the last couple of decades. His conclusions are based on admittedly limited data set but, spoiler alert, it doesn’t paint a great outlook for the sustainability for our industry.

To the players out there: I know none of the above is stuff you necessarily want to hear. Trust me, a lot of it is not stuff developers want to hear either. If you want to preserve the games you love, you can help by not pirating, by supporting developers, by not tearing them down on social media and calling them inept greedy bastards, and most of all by just understanding the landscape.

And if you are a developer, the best advice I can give you is this… this world isn’t fully here now, but the trends are pretty dramatic in my opinion.

-Raph Koster

Koster does offer some tough, long term predictions and potential solutions. The next decade won’t be easy but the some change will be absolutely necessary.

Steam Rolled

I admit that I love Steam. But it’s not perfect. However, if you think something else is going to come along and replace it, you might want to read this first.


Trying to make a career as a YouTube personality has never been easy. Now, after a series of high profile incidents, YouTube is changing the requirements for who can be in their Partner Program. It might sting a bit for the smaller creators out their but as many wise people have said:

If you are not paying for the service, you are the product.

Mobile first, mobile first, mobile first

Google is not having slow loading sites in mobile search.

Which End Are We At?


Started the post with some unexpected gold from Nintendo and ended with brilliant, yet bizarre, gold from xkcd, which was inspiration for this week’s headline. See you next week!

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