The Brock Report

When I first started at Mattel, I started a report on the latest news and trends in the digital space. It quickly expanded and had about 50 people from across the company subscribing. It ended up being officially shuttered when I included an article that was cited as evidence by someone outside our group for something my group should be doing.

I really enjoyed the process and continued the report in my spare time. I moved it to a tumblr blog and quickly earned over 100 followers. Not too shabby for side hobby!

I continued doing it for the next two years.

Over time I learned a great deal from the experience but I also found the blog’s growth stagnating. I wasn’t promoting the report in any way and the topics I covered probably too broad for the platform (tumblr thrives on the niche). In the end, I became too busy to continue support and let the site lie dormant for the last year.

But now it’s a new year and it feels like the time is right to start it up again. Look forward to posts right here on my new website.

And if you are interested, the old tumblr blog can be found here.

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